Prolong Sunless Color Extending Lotion

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Create a color you love! Norvell’s #1 selling daily moisturizer is designed to moisturize while extending and building self-tanning color. Prolong gradually develops sunless color intensity over multiple applications. As a tan fades, Prolong darkens the new skin to create a more seamless transition until the next sunless tan.

Gluten-Free • Paraben Free • Cruelty-Free • Non-Comedogenic

Fragrance: Pomegranate Bliss

Pro Tips:

• If you want to speed the tan development, apply both in the morning and evening, but be sure to wait at least 8 hours before reapplying.
• If you see yourself getting too dark too quickly, apply every other day.

Daily self-tanning moisturizer to extend or build color.

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3 in stock

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