When Should I Get My Spray Tan?

This is the most popular question that we hear at SprayChic. The timing of getting your spray tan can seem overwhelming. If you’re like me, scheduling and planning is not my strong suit. You want to protect your investment, so we are here to help provide some clarity on when to book your appointment for that custom glow.

Basics Before Details

The expected length of time that a spray tan will last is up to 7 days. We preach about proper preparation prior to a spray tan because we want you to have long-lasting results. The first 3-4 days are the most consistent with a custom hand-applied airbrush spray tan. So, scheduling your spray tan for 2-3 days before an event or occasion is the best-case scenario.


Having your nails done? Get the manicure and pedicure BEFORE your spray tan. You may have heard differently from nail salons but at SprayChic Airbrush Tanning we apply a barrier cream on your nails prior to the spray tan for extra measure. We assist each client with wiping the palms, outlines of hands, and nails with a baby wipe after the spray tan application. This step on its own is sufficient but we go above and beyond to apply the barrier cream beforehand to ensure that there are no worries.


Hair Removal?

Waxing? You should have any waxing or hair removal done 24 hours prior to your spray tan. This will ensure that the hair follicles are closed and the cosmetic bronzer won’t settle in them. Also, if you get waxed after the spray tan it will remove the color completely. Threading is a good alternative for eyebrow shaping if it has to be done after the spray tan. If this is the case, we would emphasize the importance of waiting 24 hours to ensure the tan has fully developed.

Your Day-to-Day Routine

We also like to consider your lifestyle when it comes to booking your appointment. Specifically, how active you are. Timing your spray tan and your workouts, bathing children, breastfeeding, how frequently you shower or what kind of job you have are all components that we take into consideration.

For example, if it’s the middle of summer and you have a wedding to attend on Saturday we would suggest getting the spray tan on Thursday. That particular Thursday your child has a sporting event outside and it’s hot and humid. Timing the spray tan in the morning and opting for the Accelerated SprayChic Airbrush Tan is your best bet. You would rinse off in 1-3 hours after the spray tan, depending on the depth of color you are looking to achieve, and then you won’t have to worry about sweating the cosmetic bronzer off during the game. The tan will be gradually developing over the next 24 hours but without that additional coat of color.

It’s almost a given that I am last minute scrambling to get my spray tan before a special occasion. My 20-year class reunion is a great example. I got my spray tan the morning of the reunion. I did the Accelerated and rinsed it off 2 hours afterward. There was a small part of me that was a little concerned that I would still look pale and washed out as we drove down to Tecumseh. At that point in my career, I had been spray tanning for 8 years, so I knew what to expect but I wanted to look my best. The cool thing about the Accelerated is that the tan development peaks 6-8 hours after application, but continues to develop for 24 hours. This was perfect for my situation. I had just enough color for my reunion and the gradual development was undetectable.

Bride-to-Be Spray Tan

Much of what I discuss in this article is relevant to the bride-to-be. A fellow spray tan professional in Perrysburg, Ohio wrote a great blog post specific for brides that are considering a spray tan for their big day. There are similar points in her article and I love how she touches on other topics to consider. It’s wonderful that UV free sunless tanning has gained such popularity. It’s women like Kathryn of Sun Spray by Kathryn that help boost the reputation of spray tanning. Check it out here:

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