Maintaining Your SprayChic Tan

Maintain your custom airbrush spray tan by following these easy instructions and advice from the sunless experts. Maintaining your tan is as simple as babying your skin. Just be gentle (and of course prep well before getting your spray tan) and you will enjoy amazing, long-lasting results.

• Do not soak in the bathtub.

• Avoid long, hot showers as these speed up the fading of your tan by drying out your skin.

• Do not use a loofah, mesh puff or washcloth.

• Do not use regular bar soap or body wash as this can alter the pH levels in your skin. Our recommendation is to use Norvell pH Balancing Cleanser or all natural Glo Bar Soap which are available for purchase at SprayChic Airbrush Tanning.

Glo Bar Soap is an all natural product made for sunless tanning.

• Always use a fresh razor when shaving. The more frequently you shave the quicker the tan will fade. Try to use lighter pressure on the shinbone especially.

• Pat skin dry after showering.

Stay Moisturized and Hydrated

• Moisturize twice a day using Norvell 24 Hour Moisturizer.

Norvell Moisturizers and pH Balancing Cleansers


“My Face is Lighter After a Few Days”

*Expect the face to fade faster especially if you cleanse, exfoliate or use an astringent every day. Supplementing the tan with Norvell 4 Faces is the best way to maintain the tan on the face and can be used for touch-ups all over.


Norvell 4 Faces, $7.95

This handy little product is super easy to use. Don’t be discouraged that it is a sunless tanner. It’s not scary at all when you think of it as a makeup rather than a sunless tanning spray. The instructions are right on the bottle, but we find that most people like to be shown how to apply it. Ask your SprayChic Expert to demonstrate it for you at your visit or watch SprayChic owner, Carissa, apply the product and discuss it here.