A spray tanning package makes custom airbrush tanning affordable!

With a 12-month expiration, you can invest in a year worth of bronzing for all of your upcoming events.

Handheld Spray Tanning Packages


3 Sessions $108

6 Session  $189


3 Sessions  $128

6 Sessions  $229

Auto Revolution Plus Spray Booth Packages


4 Sessions  $75

12 Sessions  $180


4 Sessions  $105

12 Sessions  $250


 Packages expire after 12 months
 Packages cannot be shared
 Travel not offered for package sessions
 A session will be deducted from the package if 24-hour notice of cancellation is not provided.

The waiver must be signed to acknowledge terms.

View our individual session pricing here.

What's the difference between Traditional and Accelerated?

Not sure what the difference is between the Traditional and the Accelerated options? The end result is the same regarding the quality of color and longevity of the tan. Many clients find that the Accelerated option is beneficial because it reduces the time of having the cosmetic bronzer on the skin. Your SprayChic Expert will help determine what would work best for your schedule and lifestyle. You can always upgrade at the time of the appointment to the Accelerated if you purchase a Traditional package.