A little SprayChic history and knowledge

A lot has changed in the spray tanning industry since SprayChic was established in 2008. We have tried lots of brands, solutions, products and even developed our own solution at one point!

The basics are still the same. Exfoliate your skin prior to your spray tan and keep your skin hydrated while you have the tan to ensure best results. The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and it reacts with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin to produce that golden brown hue. DHA requires 16-24 hours to fully develop, however the cosmetic bronzer that is in the solution gives the appearance of having a tan instantly. That cosmetic bronzer is the temporary part of the tan and will rinse off in the shower.

Over the years we have offered a few different options when it comes to spray tanning services. We are all about educating our clients and making sure that we assist them in choosing the right service for their situation. The difference between the traditional SprayChic Airbrush Tan and the Accelerated SprayChic Airbrush Tan are pretty simple, but because many clients have only experienced the traditional type, it can be difficult to understand.

The difference with the Accelerated SprayChic Tan

The difference is the wait time to take the first rinse off. The traditional spray tan suggested wait time is 16-24* hours. The wait time to rinse off for the Accelerated or rapid tan is 1-3** hours. The 1-hour wait time produces a light tan, a 2-hour wait time produces a medium tan and the 3-hour wait time to rinse results in a dark tan.

Here is where there can be some misunderstanding…the Accelerated is intended to rinse off in that shorter time frame. Many clients respond with, “oh, well I already showered today” or “oh, I don’t need to shower until later tonight/early tomorrow morning.” The reason why the Accelerated may be a better option is because you may have the fear of looking “spray tanned” or too dark for the rehearsal dinner that night. Another common situation is the weather isn’t spray tan friendly, i.e. humid or raining. For the most part, we find that clients just prefer to rinse off the bronzer sooner for comfort reasons.

We’re here to help

Your SprayChic Expert will help you decide how long you should wait to rinse off. The first rinse off is simply a warm water rinse without soap, washcloths or loofah. Be sure to rinse with only water until you have all the bronzer off the skin, (feel free to use your hands to wipe while rinsing), and the water runs clear. Pat dry and it will appear as though you’ve lost a lot of color. Don’t panic. The DHA still needs that precious 16-24 hours to develop your tan. You’ll be happy to see that shortly after the rinse off you will continue to get darker!

We love hearing our clients rave about the Accelerated SprayChic Tan and don’t want you to think we’ve been keeping it a secret! Same results (some say it’s better) and same longevity as the SprayChic Airbrush Tan, just more convenient!

Photo courtesy of Nathan English Photography. Bride, Cassie, was sprayed with the Accelerated solution in the Venetian shade 3 days prior to her wedding.
Photo courtesy of Nathan English Photography. Bride, Cassie, was sprayed with the Accelerated solution in the Venetian shade 3 days prior to her wedding. Click the photo for more photos of their beautiful day!

*8-12 hours to rinse off for the traditional SprayChic Airbrush Tan is fine, but may reduce the life expectancy of the tan.

**Norvell, the manufacturer of the Accelerated solution called ONE, does not recommend waiting longer than 4 hours to rinse off.

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    1. Hi Christy! Thanks for your interest in SprayChic Airbrush Tanning. We specialize in hand applied airbrush tanning, so this is done by a person. However, the Accelerated solution is available in our Auto Revolution Plus spray booth too.

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