About SprayChic

SprayChic has been offering custom airbrush spray tanning exclusively since it was established in 2008. Many people are unfamiliar with what airbrush tanning is exactly. So first off, it is UV-Free sunless tanning which translates as a natural looking tan with instant gratification.

For SprayChic, it’s about providing stellar service and top-notch sunless products. Keep in mind that airbrush tanning is not an ‘add-on’ at SprayChic. It’s all we do, and it is our passion. Therefore, we are experts in our industry. Our team takes pride in what we do and helping you attain radiant skin is our primary goal.

We believe in giving our clients a superior level of service and convenience. To achieve this, you will receive comprehensive advice for proper maintenance to achieve optimal results. Striving to make our clients feel comfortable from the initial phone consultation to greeting you at your private tanning appointment is our intent. Equally as important, the services include nose filters, eye covers, barrier cream, and disposable undergarments to deliver an experience that you will find to be accommodating.

Also, during your appointment, we welcome all questions and we are delighted to provide you with specific instructions to cater to your lifestyle. Most noteworthy, you are not rushed in and out because we settle for no less than delivering the best in client care and friendly service that everyone deserves.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to meeting you for your SprayChic Airbrush Tanning session.


Carissa Serylo

About The Owner

Carissa Serylo, a natural redhead with Scottish and Irish roots, had never been successful at achieving a natural tan. She wanted an alternative that made her feel healthy and provided the tan she couldn’t otherwise achieve. Like most fair-skinned women she was fearful of skin cancer. This escalated when family members were diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. She experimented with sunless lotions, cosmetics, and spray booths eventually finding that custom airbrush tanning was the best option available. The problem was that there weren’t many salons offering this service.

How It All Started

The idea of learning the trade started in 2008 when she learned that her career in the mortgage industry was threatened by the economic turmoil the nation was experiencing. The concept of making it affordable and convenient was how she was able to grow the business while continuing to work her next day job at a financial investing company. By 2009, Carissa took the risk and quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of being her own boss and helping others feel great about themselves – inside and out.

Earning her Norvell Master Certification in Chicago in 2011 was a pivotal moment in her spray tanning career. Receiving hands-on training from Brandon Cardinal and meeting the owner, Rick Norvell was even more inspiring to the budding entrepreneur.

Growing For the Future

After four years of running the business from her former apartment in Farmington Hills, Carissa moved the growing business to downtown Farmington in July 2012. Carissa is grateful that the spray tanning industry continues to evolve and grow. This has allowed her to make yet another leap for SprayChic. In late August 2016, she relocated the business to a larger location in downtown Wixom. The new space is 3x the size of the former location. It features 3 spray rooms, higher visibility, and a glamorous, yet comfortable atmosphere. The business features top-of-the-line equipment and the ability to accommodate more clients. Even still, SprayChic provides only custom airbrush tans and now a staff to carry on the legacy of exceptional service.

SprayChic Expert

Ashley Welch

Ashley has been a SprayChic Expert since 2014 and is such an incredible asset to the company. Ashley caters to our everyday client providing natural-looking spray tans and ensuring that they are well educated on how to maintain the tan and any products necessary to help them out. We adore Ashley’s positive, laid back personality and her dedication to SprayChic while she is finishing her degree in Occupational Therapy. She recently got married on September 16, 2017.

SprayChic Expert

Erin Kaminskas

Erin started coming to SprayChic as a client in 2009 and has been a loyal client through the company’s growth. Her experience as a client has given her an advantage as a SprayChic Expert because she has experienced all the different shades of solutions, understands the preparation and maintenance and is extremely knowledgeable from receiving spray tans over the years for all different kinds of occasions. She started working with Carissa and Ashley in 2016 prior to the relocation from Farmington to Wixom.

Erin is a graduate of MSU. She and her husband, Tim, have 2 children, Lola and Camden. She has a bulldog named Peanut and a dachshund named Trigger.

SprayChic Expert

Lindsay O’Leary

Lindsay came to SprayChic Airbrush Tanning for the Norvell Academy to take the Core Hands On Training. Through the communication leading up to the training the owner, Carissa, realized that Lindsay would be an excellent fit for the SprayChic Family. Knowing that Lindsay already had a position as an Esthetician at a spa in Ann Arbor, Carissa wasn’t sure what Lindsay’s plans were with spray tanning. After the training session ended Lindsay inquired what she should do next. It was the perfect opportunity to offer an official interview.

She has a love for the stage…Lindsay grew up getting spray tans for dance competitions and also competed in Miss Michigan in 2016. Having this background gives her the understanding of that aspect of the spray tanning business. Her positive and chill personality is such a joy to be around. The SprayChic Team is proud to have Lindsay on board!

SprayChic Expert

PK (Patti) Krauskoff

PK’s experience as a Unit Secretary in a Level One Trauma Hospital for 14 years at Beaumont Hospital is where she gained exceptional communication skills. Being the first person family members and visitors saw and depended on, to interacting with and developing a positive working relationship with all staff members. She acquired skills to make critical decisions while implementing accurate data and information. She earned the trust of her coworkers in life and death situations. Along with these assets, she brings a positive attitude and encouragement to the SprayChic team.

In her early 30’s she met her husband Mike. She is the proud mom of 2 dogs named Peanut & Morgan. She took a leap of faith to pursue a lifelong dream of hers and is excited to be part of the SprayChic Team. Allowing her the pleasure of working closely with clients while expressing her creative side. “Spray tanning gives me an unexplainable joy. I love what I do, it doesn’t seem real, but dreams rarely do.”

SprayChic Receptionist

Haley Hawkins

Haley is a Freshman at Central Michigan University. She has spent 2 summers working at SprayChic Airbrush Tanning and we are anxious to have her back in the Summer of 2019. This girl impresses us all the time with her maturity and her dedication. We look forward to seeing what her future holds but we are holding onto her as long as we can!